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Glossary Berlin_ first interview: FEAR, FICTION, MOVING

By Daniel Weztel and Helgard Haug from Rimini Protokoll

We met at Die Akademie der Künste on April 26th. We had a very interesting conversation at the coffee shop, and they treated me to a tea.
It was a warm and sunny afternoon, and we chatted for more than three hours.
I got in touch with them via e-mail. First, I sent an e- mail to Stefan Keagui , the third member of Rimini, but he was in Buenos Aires. Benni, from Raumlabor, gave me Stefan´s e-mail, saying I would probably have to wait a week for his answer. But I was lucky, and he answered me in ten minutes. He said it was very funny that I was writing to him since he was in B.A. Anyway, he sent me Daniel and Helgard’s e-mails.
Daniel answered immediately,

Hallo Marina, thanks for writing, we are here only until first of may and then coming back may 17. Are you already there? At thursday morning we have a presentation at the radio play festival at Akademie der Künste. But I'm afraid as you don't speak german this would be not the right occasion to meet? (M: corrigo o no?)